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DNA-e – Hydro-Coat Si02 Spray Coating (500ml)

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DNA-e Hydro-Coat Si02-based spray coating in the ease of a spray bottle. Formulated to provide a layer of Si02 protection on its own, or as an enhanced booster of existing protection. DNA-e – Hydro-Coat Spray Coating provides an easy application process. Hydro-Coat Spray Coating is designed using true ceramic ingredients and delivers a hard, glossy finish that is hydrophobic. DNA-e – Hydro-Coat Spray Coating protection will last you up to 6 months and can be used on exterior surfaces such as, paint, glass, clear coated wheels and headlights.


Do not apply in direct sunlight or if paintwork is warm to the touch. Can be applied to wet paintwork but for maximum durability apply when dry.

  • Wash the car thoroughly.
  • Shake well. Work on wet or dry painted surfaces in an area no larger than a shoulders width apart.
    • Dry cars: Spray sparingly directly onto paintwork or onto a clean microfibre cloth or applicator and spread until product disappears.
    • Wet cars (Spray and rinse): Spray evenly directly onto paintwork and rinse off working on panel at a time, then dry using a DNA-e Twisted Loop Drying Towel for a brilliant shine.
      • Do not over apply or allow the product to begin drying as this will results in the sealant drying in spots.
      • In hot summer months it is advisable to use Hydro-coat during the drying process or apply to already dried car.
  • Take a clean Microfibre Finishing Cloth and buff to a high gloss before moving to another area of paintwork. Use additional cloths as required.
  • A second coat may be applied, allow 24 hours between applications.

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1 review for DNA-e – Hydro-Coat Si02 Spray Coating (500ml)

  1. Jason

    Easy to apply and work with and leaves a brilliant shine and long lasting protection layer.

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