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We offer car care products by leading detailing brands from around the world

We pride ourselves in providing expert car care advice and supplying high quality detailing products.


What Customers Have To Say

Wow-what a service. Thank you guys for the wonderful service you provide me with, It is the best service ever. Since I started to use these products, my car is the cleanest car at work and people are commenting about it. I am so proud of your guys. Thank you.

Lee Kgotso

I placed an order online for a product & accessories last night (20/05/19) around 11 pm just before going to bed, got to work the next day went out for training & got back to the workshop around 4 pm to be informed that there was a parcel that arrived for me in my absence Imagine my shock when I saw Monique, CrazyDetailer on the waybill . . . Christmas in May; Can’t wait for the weekend to use products Top notch service & delivery Monique & CD

Dean .P. Benson

As always, the level of service was first class. Delivered as promised. Thank you.

David Skinner

Good Day, I just wanted to let you know that all swirl marks on my dark blue Honda was removed, using the SF4000 only with the yellow polishing pad. I am extremely satisfied with this kit. Thank you for all your help and advice. Pity that so many people, including myself, get the wrong info by so-called car care specialist like the car care centre I took my car to, to have these swirls removed. I was simply told that it’s impossible to remove these marks and that it’s a feature of the specific paint. Clearly an answer given by someone who does not know or care. Luckily I was researching swirl marks on the internet and got hold of the crazy detailer site. I will certainly recommend you to anyone. Regards Fred Bezuidenhout.

Fred Bezuidenhout

I ordered some products online on a Saturday evening. On Tuesday I received it. Excellent service and great prices on products.

Niresh Davcharan

I reckon the staff from CD should go show the Government the meaning of Service. You are the best. 3 orders from them had just been delivered, and a half a day early on the delivery.

Well done guys.

Charl Du Plessis

A beeeeeeg thank you to Monique and the crazydetailer team. They made a mission impossible POSSIBLE. And added a few extra gifts to the package for an awesome surprise. Great job guys fantastic service

Michael Flynn

These guys are boss! The products that were recommended worked exactly as explained. All high-quality stuff from shampoo (Car Chem), claying, polish (Autoglym), and glaze (Soft99). I will definitely be buying again.

Theshan Pillay

Thank you for providing exceptional advice and service. I really enjoyed doing business with Crazy Detailer staff.

Hassen Cassim

Good service, guys are quick to respond. only thing is stock is sometimes not available. hopefully this will be sorted with the new store

Deshan Padayachee
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