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Glass Detailing Tips

Cleaning your vehicles windows will not only give your ride a classy look but will also enhance and increase the visibility when driving. Dirty windows reflect poorly on your car, yet they tend to get very dirty especially if you drive daily. Taking time to clean your vehicles windows will lead to a substantial aesthetic improvement.

  1.  Always clean your windows last
    • You can prevent contaminating your windows with smudges and grime by cleaning the rest of the car before you clean the windows.
  2. Clean windows in the shade if possible
    • If your car is too hot, it could cause the cleaner or water being used to evaporate too quickly. This will lead to extra work
  3. Use a dedicated automotive glass cleaner
    • Ammonia based window house-hold cleaners can be damaging to tint and can dry out the rubber seals around the windows. It is always best to use a specialised automotive glass cleaner.
  4. Clean front and rear windows first.
    • Due to angle and size, these windows can be the hardest to clean. Spray 2-3 sprits of glass cleaner onto the window itself and use a dedicated CrazyDetailer streak-free glass microfiber towel to work in and buff off the glass cleaner to a streak-free result.
    • Spray glass cleaner onto your streak-free glass cleaning microfiber first to prevent the overspray of glass cleaner on the dash and interior trim.
  5. Target stubborn bug splatter or contaminants.
    • This could result in the use of a very strong bug cleaner or a clay bar.
  6. Roll down, side windows
    • The very top of the side windows is a common area that is missed when cleaning windows. Spray your glass cleaner to the side of the window and use a streak-free microfiber towel to buff off any residue.
  7. Clean wiper blades to finish.
    • Use a mild detergent to clean the build-up on the wiper blades so when in use no smudges or dirt will be in contact with the windshield

Cleaning water spots

If after the use of a dedicated glass cleaner there are still water spots, one could use a dedicated Glass polish, Water spots remover or a mineral deposit remover.

Pro Tips

  1. Always wipe the interior and exterior side of the glass in different directions so that you are able to identify the side that requires extra cleaning if needs be.
  2. Apply medium to hard pressure when cleaning windows.
  3. Always use clean fish bone weave streak-free microfiber towels to prevent the spread of streaks.

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