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Foam Cannon Care & Maintainance

Caring for Your Foam Cannon

Overview and Usage

A Foam Cannon allows you to obtain high pressure water mixed with Snow Foam detergent, producing foam. The Foam Cannon has many design features to allow the user to spray varying distances while creating a wide range of consistencies of foam. By twisting the External Plastic Body/Nozzle (#5) you can create a wide fan flow or concentrated direct flow spray pattern by twisting the adjustable air intake knob (#4) you can increase or decrease the consistency of the foam produced.
Overall foam consistency or concentration can be regulated by using various concentrations of Snow Foam detergents in the Detergent Tank. It is important to note that the final consistency of foam of produced by the Foam Cannon is primarily determined by the type of Snow Foam detergent utilized in the detergent Tank as well as output rating (flow/discharge)of the high pressure washer *NB: All pressure washers will differ in actual output vs specified rated output on the box. Try varying types and concentrations of snow foam detergent to reach the desired foam results. Using warm water in the detergent tank assists with dilution and improves over-all foaming action.

Foam cannon exploded view
  1. Foam Lance connector (Karcher/Ryobi/etc)
  2. Brass Connecting Nipple
  3. Orifice Jet
  4. Detergent/Water/Air Mixer Control Knob
  5. Plastic Shroud (Twist to change spray pattern)
  1. Stainless Steal Shroud Locking Pin
  2. Adjustable Spray Nozzle
  3. Stainless Steal Gauze Filter
  4. Detergent Suction nipple/tube


  • After use, fill detergent tank with clean water and run cannon for 2-3 minutes with the mixer dial (#4) “fully opened” to flush any soapy residue from filters and jets.
  • Rinse out the spray head (#5 & #7), detergent bottle and suction tube (#9) with clean water before storing. Never store foam cannon with unused snow foam mixture in the detergent bottle.
  • Use only recommended Snow Foam detergent as regular car shampoo will cause clogging. This will cause permanent damage to pressure washer and foam cannon attachment coupling.
  • Dissemble and clean out stainless steel filter (#8) using the correct tools every few months depending on use to prevent clogging and to ensure optimal foaming.
  • Take care to reassemble in order and to not damaging any parts to exactly restore the original conditions of the foam lance.


  • Foam consistency drops over time. Disassemble and clean filter (#8), use high quality specialised Snow Foam detergents to ensure no clogging or parts (#8, #3 , #9). Clean and de-scale if necessary. *NB: There are a number of video guides available on YOUTUBE.
  • High pressure washer intermittent cut-out or poor flow out the front of the cannon. Stop operation immediately. Ensure no clogging or parts (#8 , #3, #9) . Clean debris/obstructions and filters if necessary.
  • Cracked plastic coupling (#1) causing water to eject from the lance. Blockage in orifice (#3) due to debris in water supply, poor maintenance or incorrect snow foam detergent which has caused a break in the plastic coupling due to pressure build up, install replacement coupling for your specific pressure washer.
  • Leaking coupling (#1) at attachment to pressure washer lance . The o-ring inside of coupling (#1) has come out and is most probably stuck to your inside of your lance/gun. This is a common problem on some Karcher High pressure washers. Locate the O-ring and re-seat it into the coupling. Karcher O-Ring replacement guide
  • Only water is is being ejected from foam canon (#7) no detergent when mixer dial is on max : Blockage has occurred in the detergent pickup nipple (#9) due to poor maintenance, dirt in detergent mix or the use of a poor quality snow foam detergent causing build up. Clear out debris/obstruction from detergent pickup nipple (#9) using a pin or paperclip.


Foam cannons are a fairly simple device and if maintained correctly will give you many years of service. Using cheap, poor quality snow foam detergents are the main cause of foam cannon failure and cost your more in the long run.

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