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Choosing a car wash shampoo is like deciding between 2 Ply and 1 Ply. You want the luxury without the cost; you think on not spending too much; because you know its money flushed down the drain. You might be wondering what falls under these categories; 2 Ply NXT, GC; 1 Ply Shield, Rally just to name a few. When I received my order of Cyclo - POLYMER HAND CAR WASH, immediately I thought not another new 1 Ply product on the market. After use I found myself comparing it to Deep Crystal and Soft Gel wash and then it hit me Cyclo - POLYMER HAND CAR WASH leaps ahead of the competition and leaves the likes of Deep Crystal and Soft Gel wash in the 1 Ply category; with more bang for your buck it has excellent cleaning power abilities, boosts shine and leaves a highly reflective, slick surface. If you are a 2 Ply guy and hate flushing money down the drain like me, well finally here is a product, without the guilt.

(PS. if you find yourself to be a 3 Ply guy - Hyper wash -recommended)
Date Added: 05/30/2009 by KEITH KOWLESSAR
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